The Quantum Explorers Club

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The Quantum Explorers Club Part 2

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23 - Soot (Solid)

Quantum Travel Knights Templar Part 1

Those rascally secret society's and mystery school types. They test us and tease us and tempt us. My gut says that this could have easily been a 20 minute session if we had failed any of the tests. The problem with receiving the knowledge of the Templars is that it will get you killed. Look what it did for them.

So the info is given very slowly and deliberately. Most of us were pretty unsure of what exactly happened in this session or what it was all about. We know 2 things...we just scratched the tip of the iceberg of info these guys have, and there was a tremendous amount of energy exchanged the farther this session goes on. We were all wiped out and exhausted afterwards.

There are a lot of bad feelings and skepticism about the Templars out there. One of the goals of this (ongoing) project is to find out what is real and what is fabricated history made by the people that killed them all. I can tell you this much....everyone we ran into in this particular session was an ascended master or an out right saint. I know the feel of these energies nobody needed to tell me what I was talking to.

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There's also a face book group by the same name.

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Quantum Travel Knights Templar part 2

Michael gets some serious upgrades from the Knights Templar. (Flaming hands and an army of ascended masters)

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23 - Soot (Solid)

Quantum Travel Moon landing !

Our first group excursion ! I might be a tad biased, but it's probably the best video ever made with the word "Quantum" in the title. So ground breaking ....I'm surprised there's any ground left any where.

When you add this with my "Hall of remembering"'s been a pretty good week for me. I want to say that I won't forget this one for a long long time....but I already know what I have planned for next week. Stay tuned to be amazed and see things happen that a sane person wouldn't even think to try ....much less pull off.

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Carmen Channels AA Michael

Coming soon amazing video of Carmen channeling Arch Angel Michael

Trip To Shambala

Coming soon Travel to Shambala with the Quantum time travel club Messages Channeled by Carmen from the leader 

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