Carmens Ever Popular Accredited Cosmic Tarot Course  is Now Available For Homestudy Online course and with Carmen.

Learn the Cosmic Tarot in one day with Carmen by the end of the day you will be able to give friends and family A tarot reading.

Or if you prefer you can study in the comfort of your home Now Available From Amazon Carmens Learn the Cosmic Tarot for beginners.

Online course Now Availeable On Udemy. this Indepth look at The Cosmic Tarot in 90 Lectures 2 1/2 hours plus practical excersices, inclusive of the Homestudy manual and Certificate

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Learn Cosmic Tarot For Beginners

Now Available for Kindle and in paperback. Carmens excellant learn the Cosmic Tarot for Beginners. this book will have you being able to read tarot for friends and family by the end, full of practical insights you will understand this tarot deck and be able to give readings by the time you have finished this book.

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Cosmic Tarot Advanced

Soon to be released this advanced book will take you from reading for friends and family to professional Tarot reader. Carmen will help you forward with your skill so you will be able to earn A living or have a second income with the Tarot

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Learn the Cosmic Tarot On Line Course

Starting a new phase in your life? Wanting to know about the changes are coming or the directions you should be exploring? Struggling with a part of yourself, and wish for insight or a new perspective, of for a suggestion on what to address in yourself?

Tarot could be just what you need!!!

By taking this Accredited course you will embark on a journey of personal exploration, tapping into your spirituality , accessing the inspiration of your soul connecting to your intuition.

Learning the Cosmic Tarot will give you basic knowledge Of the Cosmic Tarot, will help you gain insight into the choices available for you /others, solve a personal problem, identify which path is for you, to heal a relationship deal with career issues , not by predicting the future, but giving you guidance and inspiring you to make the best decisions possible.

The course is perfect for: those curious, and those with little experience in Tarot, beginners who just want to study the Cosmic Tarot, or anyone who struggled to get through the descriptions and meanings of the cards.

You will learn the meanings of Major and Minor Arcana card through the design and symbolism of each card, which makes it easy to remember the keywords and the interpretation

of the cards, how to perform an intuitive reading, and develop your self confidence and intuition.

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