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 Carmen Bisiker

International association of therapists Member

Carmen is

 A Reiki Master

Dragon Energy Practitioner-Teacher

Accredited Advanced Angelic Healing Practitioner

 professional international Tarot reader Accredited Tarot Teacher.

Published Author


 Michael Bisiker IPHM

International Practitioner of Holistic Medicine

International Association of Therapists memeber

 Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki  Grand Master

Crystal Reiki Master

Atlantian Reiki and Lemurian Light Master

Animal Reiki practitioner

Advanced Crystal healer

Golden Angelic Healing teacher

Certified Professional Angelic Medium

Published Author

Professional International Tarot reader

Brand New from Earths Energies. The Universal Healing Of The Ancient Britons©

This is an Ancient Energy Healing, That has been unlocked, Channeled By Ascended Masters to me. Using 6 Ancient Power Centres Unlocked by Use of Power Symbols. the Diffrent types of healing are Human, Animal, Higher Self, Cleansing. The Condition set By the Ascended Masters is We have To Complete Earth Healing in Payment to our planet for use of the power Centres.

There are 5 Levels levels of Study Attainable Level 1 Healer, Animal and Nature Healer, Crystal Healer,Master, and Arwen Master

Level 1 Healer, you study 4 power power centres there uses the symbols to unlock are attuned to these power centres. you will receive attunments to the Earth, Elementals, Power Animals. learn how to carry out, self healing, healing of Humans and the Higher self. The planet, Distance Healing.

Animal and Nature Healer, youe will Study a Further power Centre and its associated symbol. Recieve Attunements to the power centre and Nature. you will learn How to Carry out Animal healing and how to heal Nature.

Crystal Healing, you will study A further Power centre and its Associated symbol, Learn how to Add Certain Crystals to each of your Healings

Master Level, this study is obtainable on Achieving set criteria after Completing Level 1. you will be Attuned to the Master Symbol and be able to teach and Atune students to level 1 Healer

Arwen Master. this Level is Acheived after Completing Every Level Set out above and Achieving the set Criteria to qualify, you will be Attuned to this level and its associated power centre and symbol. you will quailfy to teach each level and attune students to each level

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